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About Carlos A. Leyva

Cal_sans_shades_FBCarlos Leyva's combination of legal, business, healthcare, and technology experience allows him to collaborate with clients as a trusted adviser, one that understands their legal challenges not as a knowledgeable outsider would, but rather because he has often been in their shoes. Carlos, in addition to being Managing Shareholder of The Digital Business Law Group, PA., is also CEO of 3Lions Publishing, Inc., an online new media company that publishes the HIPAA Survival Guide, one of the most authoritative healthcare regulatory compliance sites on the Internet.

Why is that important to you?

Carlos understands the difference between acceptable and un-acceptable business and legal risks online, both from a lawyer's perspective and from the perspective of an online entrepreneur. As a veteran of the technology industry (developer, entrepreneur, author and consultant) he earned his "geek credentials" working with companies of all sizes and in various industry sectors.

He co-developed "The Lawyer's DeskTop," a law firm practice management suite, back when 'C' was the programming language of "real" developers. He chronicled his tech experience in Silicon Stories, a set of (somewhat irreverent) essays on various topics of interest (circa 2002) including a look forward at the next generation Internet in "Knowledge Management and Infotainment." When it comes to drafting and negotiating technology and intellectual property contracts he has seen the issues from many different perspectives. He has dealt with, analyzed and tracked many of the intellectual property business and legal issues that have underpinned the explosive growth of the Internet. lt is this background and experience that informs his practice of "digital law" and fuels a relentless focus on delivering value through the innovative delivery of legal services to online businesses and to healthcare providers, facilities and vendors.

Legal Philosophy

Carlos' legal philosophy is grounded in business practicality. A law firm delivers value by focusing on dient objectives and by providing legal services that help achieve them. This usually takes the form of answering the question that is uppermost most on their minds. What can a court of law do to me or for me? lt is the pursuit of excellence while answering this question that characterizes his commitment to service. This commitment is coupled with a passion for the Internet and a deep understanding of online business models and healthcare. As a long time "netizen" he is keenly aware that an organization's reputation value must be protected as well as its intellectual property.

Affiliations & Admissions

Carlos is a member of the State Bar of Florida. Carlos is also admitted to practice in the following Federal Courts: The Middle District of Florida, The Northern District of Florida, The Southern District of Florida, and The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Carlos has also been admitted pro hac vice and litigated cases in the following Federal Courts: The Southern District of New York, The Eastern District of New York, and The Central District of California.


He is an honors graduate of Stetson College ofLaw (Juris Doctor) and the University of New Orleans (Business with Computer Science Minor).

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