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Copyright: Digital Audio & Media

    This section refers to chapter 10 of the copyright statute, otherwise known as the Audio Home Recording Act (AHRA). The entire section can be found here. It is a specialized section of the copyright statute that was added in 1992 primarily as a response to the music industry's concerns regarding the potential widespread illegal copying that would be enabled through the sale of various consumer recording devices and digital media.

    The AHRA is essentially government mandated , technology based, anti-circumvention legislation designed to provide a technological foundation against copyright infringement. The use of technological controls was later expanded in the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. The AHRA also provides for the payment of royalties (from manufacturers) to the music industry via the U.S. Copyright Office (as a kind of "middleman") to various industry organizations.

    Chapter 10 of the copyright statute represents Congress' attempt to respond to market forces in the still emerging digital economy. It is likely that over time there will be more market driven legislation as the digital economy continues to permeate the daily lives of consumers. As mentioned above, this is a specialized area of the statute and, in general, does not have a widespread business impact outside of those businesses/individuals that are directly implicated.

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