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Data Retention & eDiscovery

    Developing a data retention policy is a necessity for mid to large organizations in order to effectively manage their information assets. The process for creating the policy should capture and identify all information repositories and storage media, physical as well as electronic. A functional approach from cradle to grave allows the flexibility to create timely information while also meeting the retrieval/usage requirements of the modern enterprise. With electronic storage being so simple and inexpensive, many business organizations now retain business records well beyond their useful lifespan—this creates not only operational problems with a significant hidden negative economic impact, but also a chaotic electronic records environment ill suited for litigation responsiveness.

    The explosive growth of electronically stored information (ESI) and the recent changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) regarding electronic discovery have triggered increased awareness of the problem. Business organizations are now faced with a bewildering array of options for dealing with both the legal and technical issues presented. Many proposed technology centric solutions target well defined pain points while ignoring important legal governance issues. Other solutions focus on policy and disregard the technical implications. This tutorial is premised on the assertion that the proposed solution to this problem must be comprehensive and must address both governance and the technical framework required for implementation.

    This tutorial explores a high level road map for creating order from the current chaos. A brief description of the history and background of the problem is presented and then an approach for problem resolution is discussed.

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