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HITECH / HIPAA Meaningful Use &

Risk Management Webinar Series

Topics Covered

The Digital Business Law Group's (DBLG) Webinar Series will focus on disseminating information and tools pertaining to a set of HITECH / HIPAA compliance frameworks, such as:
You can register for one of our webinars here. The frameworks are intended as roadmaps and not as cookbook solutions. They are foundational to our H2 Compliance Scorecardsm that we announced in the December 2009 Issue of our newsletter. The frameworks comprise a system of determining current compliance status and providing guidance over time as to the gaps.

Our frameworks are designed as a knowledge transfer mechanism and for attacking the "low hanging fruit" of HITECH / HIPAA compliance. If implemented, they also provide visible/demonstrable evidence that a covered entity or business associate is serious regarding HITECH / HIPAA compliance. Our newsletter will provide an introduction to each framework with more in depth coverage, tools and templates provided via our webinars.

Benefits to Participants

  • Access to best practices regarding HITECH / HIPAA compliance
  • Access to industry thought leaders and the ability to get your questions answered
  • Access to project plans, templates and other reusable materials
  • Access to In depth analysis/commentary regarding the latest HHS guidance
  • Access to news you can use without incurring travel expenses and unnecessarily wasting productive time

Our Guarantee

Our HITECH / HIPAA Risk Management Webinar Series will feature HIPAA Survival Guide co-authors Carlos A. Leyva, Esq, and Deborah Leyva RN, BSN as principal presenters, with guest presenters added from time to time. If you are not 100% satisfied with a webinar, either in the content provided, the "experience," or for any other reason, then we offer a no questions asked money back guarantee within five business days post webinar.

Our Approach

Our webinars are intended to provide a forum that allows for audience participation. Each webinar will be one hour and forty five minutes in length and be limited to the first 100 registrants. Participants will be able to submit questions during the course of the webinar. The last twenty minutes will be devoted to answering questions submitted and/or "drilling down" on specific topics.

Should you have any questions regarding our webinar series then please feel free to Contact Us.


Please be advised that by communicating with us via our webinars you are not establishing an attorney/client relationship with The Digital Business Law Group, P.A.. Such a relationship can only be established as specified in our Terms of Use, which requires a signed written agreement. The information you provide us is controlled by our Privacy Policy and is never shared with third parties without your permission.





















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