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Internet Lawyers: Outsourced In-House

Packaged Services

This service is designed to meet your daily “digital law” needs at a monthly cost that fits your budget and legal requirements. There is no fixed duration contractual agreement. This program allows you to budget your legal spend and adjust it as your needs change. We can function either as your entire legal team, or as an extension of your existing team.

What does it cost?

This will vary on a monthly basis depending on your requirements. This is not a fixed cost offering but rather a strategic partnership provided at rates that take the longer term nature of the relationship into consideration. It works as follows: for a fixed "blended rate" you get access to our staff, for as many, or as few, hours each month as you need. We agree as to a range of hours each month for planning purposes, but you are only invoiced for the hours used.

How is this different than using outside counsel?

This arrangement is designed to be mutually beneficial. Since we can better manage our resources we offer this service at a discount from our normal rates (which are already competitive). This provides you access to a legal team that understands your online objectives and allows you to better focus on your value proposition. You can better manage the variability in your legal spend with a team that functions as an extension of your organization, with shared processes and infrastructure as described below.

How do we collaborate?

We will setup a secure web-based extranet that will hold all DBLG deliverables, for example: employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, affiliate agreements, licensing agreements, etc. The extranet will allow for streamlined collaboration on documents (i.e. between our staff and yours) and other relevant work product. The extranet is enabled with world class search functionality and comes at no additional cost to you. It simply represents one of the mechanisms by which we become an extension of your team.

What type of work is contemplated?

Any work related to litigation is outside the scope of this packaged service. Litigation, as used here, includes pretrial practice (pleadings, motions, discovery) and any trial work or appeals. Also outside the scope is any other work offered as a packaged service. In general, all other practice related work is included (see Practice Areas).

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