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Managing Intellectual Property & Digital Assets

This service is designed as a one day seminar to cover an overview of legal issues related to the ongoing management of an organization's intellectual property and digital assets. This includes copyright, trademark, patents, trade secrets, domain names, privacy, e-discovery and more. The objective is to highlight relevant issues that in-house counsel (or the CIO) are vaguely aware of, but have not dealt with in a systematic way.

What does it cost?

The cost is $2,500 USD plus usual and customary business expenses (e.g. travel). It is anticipated that the seminar will be held in an on site conference room. It is the client organization's responsibility to coordinate logistics and equipment (e.g. projector).The client organization can designate as many attendees as it feels are warranted. This is a fixed fee offering, regardless of the number of attendees. However, no third party attendees are allowed. Attendees must all be employees of the client organization. Reasonable exceptions are made for "must have" independent contractors.

What does it cover?

This seminar is intended as a general overview of how to manage the various subject matter categories described above. If there are specific "pain points" that need to be addressed in a more detailed manner, then the related content will be emphasized and other content will be minimized (or eliminated). Our approach focuses on best practices. Many best practices  can be readily  implemented with low cost web based technologies, and other self service functionality now available. That said, technology is not the primary impediment, but rather the principal stumbling block is not having the necessary processes in place. This seminar is designed to "break ground" so that an organization can launch initiatives necessary to arrive at the "to be" desired state.

What is the deliverable?

The primary deliverable is an increased awareness of the legal issues (and other business risks) related to the inappropriate management of an organization's intellectual property and digital assets. This implies not just focusing on liability reduction but proactive (and common sense) recommendations related to protecting the brand(s). The latter includes strategies for fully capitalizing on revenue opportunities in the digital economy. The "monetization" of intellectual property is no longer solely the purview of big name players. Many small to medium size companies are capable of getting a piece of the action. Often what is missing is cost effective guidance. Our packaged service is targeted at helping bridge this gap.

What is not covered?

Given the breadth of the material to be covered, it is simply not possible to design processes on the fly in a one day session. This seminar is designed as an information session with the key objective being what needs to be done, not how to do it. The "how" part will vary because each organization will likely take a somewhat unique approach based on their culture, size and other factors. We are willing to work with our clients in a more systematic manner to address the how, but that must of necessity be part of a separate engagement.

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