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Packaged Services

This service targets the needs of online entrepreneurs and is designed to help them with a number of legal considerations that startup activities present. There are often a bewildering array of questions that require answers before proceeding, these include: 1) selection of a business entity and tax ramifications of alternatives (e.g. "C" corporation, versus "Sub-S" corporation, versus a "LLC"); 2) buy/sell agreements amongst principals; 3) employment contracts; 4) non-disclosure agreements and other partner related agreements; and 5) protection of intellectual property; etc. For the uninitiated , these questions often prove daunting and frustrating, and usually end up costing the entrepreneur more than expected or budgeted for, and consuming far too much time.

Why a startup package?

Developing an idea from concept to implementation is a stressful enough endeavor without the worry of out of control legal fees being added to the mix. That said, there are certainly legal considerations that must be attended to, otherwise the entrepreneur runs the risk of having the legal implications of inattention come back to bite them with a vengeance. We understand the needs of online entrepreneurs. We understand that the legal risks confronted by a startup are not the same as those of an established enterprise. We help entrepreneurs mitigate their online legal exposure while at the same time maintaining a keen awareness that legal risks are only one of many risks that an entrepreneur faces.

What does it cost?

The cost may vary depending on the complexity of the options selected and the particular "pain points" that an entrepreneur wants addressed. Generally, we allow an entrepreneur to select from a menu of services provided, including our fixed fee packaged services, and will provide the agreed to bundle of services for $5,000 USD, once we agree on the scope. The bundle usually includes entity formation (including buy/sell agreements where appropriate) and protection of designated intellectual property (e.g.Website Copyright Registration). It also may include provisioning of various contractual instruments (e.g. employment contracts, terms of use, privacy policies, etc.). The bundle is offered at a significant discount vis-a-vis the same services provided on a one-off basis.

What does it cover?

  • Selection and formation of legal entity
    •  LLC
    • Corporation     
  • Assorted Agreements
    • Employment Agreements
    • Partner Agreements
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements    
    • Master Services Agreement 
    • While Label Agreements
    • Buy/Sell Agreements
    • Advertising Agreements
    • Affiliate Agreements
    • LLC Operating Agreements
    • Corporate Shareholders Agreements
    • Licensing Agreements
    • Software Development Agreements
  • Protection of Intellectual Property
    • Trade Secrets
    • Trademarks
    • Copyright
    • Domain Names
  • Website Audit
  • Special Needs

What are the deliverables?

The final deliverable is completion of the agreed to bundle of services. Interim deliverables are comprised of logical subsets of the bundle (e.g. documents related to entity formation such as the articles of incorporation and corporation bylaws).

What is not covered?

What is not covered in the engagement is anything that falls outside the scope of the agreed to bundle of services selected from the menu of services available. The bundle is custom developed for each engagement and captured in the retainer agreement.

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