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Website Audit

Packaged Services

This service reviews various aspects of your website to ensure you are in compliance with generally applicable U.S. law and otherwise obtaining the kind of legal protection required, consistent with how you do business online. The deliverables are the development (or modification) of your website privacy policy and terms of use and a report with recommendations related to you site's intellectual property strategy and the contractual implications (e.g. for e-commerce or subscription sites) of your online sales strategy.

What does it cost?

The cost of our fixed fee package is $2,500 USD.

What does it cover?

  • The extent to which the website complies with applicable U.S. law depending on the type of information you gather and type of services you offer.
  • The development of ( or modification to) the terms of use that control how visitors interact with your site.
  • The development of ( or modification to) the privacy policy that governs the website including how and when visitor provided information is used.
  • The extent to which your intellectual property rights are identified and protected (including domain names)
  • How your online sales process functions and the extent to which valid contracts are formed.
  • If you contracted out the design, a review of your website development agreement to ensure you clearly understand who owns the intellectual property rights.

What are the deliverables?

As stated above, the deliverables are your site's privacy policy and terms of use and a report with recommended changes (where appropriate specific language is provided) that should be made to the site in order to better protect the your rights and eliminate or significantly reduce potential liability.

Why should an organization or individual audit their website?

Think of it as a kind of insurance policy. An audit helps protect you from the downside risk of doing business online. You have likely spent a great deal of time and money launching your site. Increasingly, a website is "mission critical" and for many online businesses the site is the mission. An audit is an incremental expenditure to ensure that all the appropriate bases have been covered. For additional information read our article Why Audit Your Website?.

What parts of the site are reviewed?

The audit does not review every single page of the website. It does however, review key visitor and customer touch points, as well as introductory pages for all major sections. The audit also reviews any page that controls how you manage online sales transactions.

What is not covered?

The audit does not cover any regulatory requirements that may be specific to your particular industry. That is, regulations that have nothing to do with doing business online per se, but are unique requirements within your vertical. These situations are rare, but where they occur they are outside the scope of the audit.

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