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The tutorials provided by The Digital Business Law Group, P.A. (DBLG) are intended to be basic overviews of complex topics for existing or aspiring Internet digital entrepreneurs. They are obviously not intended to be legal advice. Please read our Terms of Use if you have questions regarding the purpose and intent of the content on our site.

Wherever your see statutory language, do not assume that this is the entire section of the statute. Almost always there is a link provided to the statute (or the respective section) in its entirety, for your convenience. Please follow the links if you are inclined to read the law from its "original source." Statutory references to various "Acts" are to the U.S. Code and use the section numbers therein.

The use of "statutory snippets" are for illustration purposes only (i.e. where the statutory language itself enhances the tutorial's objective). The intent here is to cut through the "morass of details and exceptions" and give a business person a sense of what the statute (or case law) represents, and the impact that it may have on their business.

Commentary is usually highlighted in "blue bold" and/or should otherwise be clear from the context. Every attempt has been made to provide reference links (e.g. for statutes and case law) that are widely used by the community and therefore have a greater degree of permanency. However, such links do not imply either an endorsement of, or any relationship with, the site in question.

Finally, each tutorial's subject matter represents a DBLG practice area. However, this is not an exhaustive list. The breadth of "digital law" encompasses much more. The list is more representative of a sampling of cyberlaw topics. Please refer to our Practice Areas and Packaged Services for more information regarding specifics with respect to the types of services provided.

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